Prisma looks at commercial design from all possible angles to develop unconventional kitchens for restaurants in stainless steel processing.

As one of Italian design advocates, Prisma unites the present and the future of commercial kitchen design in state-of-the art professional spaces for cooking food. Restaurant chefs have complete freedom to express their talents in our commercial kitchens and get more inspiration with the excellence of Made in Italy production.

We apply maximum care and attention to design, developing innovative construction whether we are dealing with a massive cruise ship restaurant kitchens or a refined and stylish self-service outlet. Prisma kitchens designed in Italy provide optimal commercial solutions in decoration of high end working spaces.

With over 30 year experience of manufacturing high quality, stainless steel professional equipment for the food service industry, Prisma offers a hi-end kitchen design Made in Italy. We deal with complex projects for restaurants, bars, food service and commercial cooking spaces ready to satisfy the needs of demanding and sophisticated clients.

Prisma manufacturing quality is going hand to hand with high class customer services, including kitchen's production and installation which is competitively priced and individually tailored to suit each customer's demands. Working with our customers through each step of the process we can ensure that our kitchen rooms for business are completed on time and on budget.

Professionals have known and appreciated Prisma for a long time for perfect quality of its equipment and effective technologies to cook extra-difficult dishes. Inimitable kitchen design for restaurants, expert technologies and Made in Italy quality control are harmoniously combined in Prisma products – the present and future of professional equipment for refined cooking spaces.