Bar Counter Designed for Naval Industry

Prisma has extensive experience in bar counter designed for ships and vessels. We are qualified and specialized in the production of catering solutions and we offer a wide range of products for cruise interior and exterior design.

We procure bar counter design capable to integrated itself completely with the navy furniture and realized fulfilling completely all the aesthetic and functional requests of the navy industry. Indeed, our kitchens and bar counters are designed to be elegant, convenient and rational: the most modern and refined bar counter design.

Any elements of our bar counters is created in detail, from the stainless steel AISI 316 cladding (for a better resistance against the water corrosion) to the 6 levels of cleanliness, up to the chillers efficiency and much, much more.

We are an experienced company and our primary objective is the customers satisfaction. Discover our products and contact us now for more information.