Prisma, thanks to its experience in the making of a wide variety of products for the large-scale distribution, was the ideal partner in the realisation of the bar, cafe and pastry counters for a renovated Camping in Jesolo.

Prisma Italia Works

The bar counters, designed for different environments and with a varied target clients, were made using different materials, harmoniously blended with a steel core.

Prisma, which has always combined technical expertise and craftsmanship, has created every single element designed in a perfect balance of efficiency and design, ensuring the optimal execution of the various activities.

Everything has been conceived to meet the need to create high-performance solutions for intensive daily use, without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Single top in AISI 304 stainless steel, with 90° edge, complete with all those fundamental tools for a professional bartender; e.g. insulated ice bin, garnish rail, food preparation and garnishing station, speed rail incorporated into the top, flush-mount drip tray with drain hole etc
Cafe/pastry counter equipped with jewlry window display suitable for the display of sweets and small pastry
All functional elements are fixed under the countertop for a better aesthetic result and to simplify cleaning.


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