Prisma’s mission has always been to smartly combine aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality, resulting in a design with a solid stainless-steel structure.
Prisma is certainly the ideal and reliable partner in the realisation of designs for the corporate restaurant sector, thanks to its technical know-how, its expertise and ability to look for and find customised solutions.

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While the core is always stainless steel, the elements of the project may include various materials – like wood, granite, corian besides different steel finishes – which, combined with professional equipment, guarantee the best result.

One of the challenges Prisma overcame in the making of this work was the creation of curved self-service counters with drop-in elements and superstructures in a flow with the curved lines of the counter.

The aesthetics of the service counters was one of the cornerstones of this project, as they not only had the function of presenting food, but were also a furnishing element contributing to the creation of a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere within the corporate restaurant.

Particular attention was paid to the aesthetics and design of the counters
Customised refrigeration
Harmonious mix of different materials like stainless steel, wood and stone to combine performance and design in a cosy and relaxing atmosphere


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