Prisma produces professional equipment, made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, custom-designed and tailorable to meet the most specific needs and integrate perfectly into the environments of the large-scale distribution.

Prisma Italia Works

Prisma’s collaboration with a major large-scale distribution brand, led to the production of several bespoke solutions: a refrigerated and automated cheese and cold cut display case, a sushi stand and pastry counters. flexibility, safety, hygiene and optimal organisation of the display and storage spaces are the common thread running through the different equipment.

The very large display case allows products to be stored, preserved and picked at the ideal temperature, thanks to a dedicated software, suggesting a new way of serving.

Robotic cheese and cold-cut display case, suitable for product storage and display
Custom-made refrigeration, for the display and correct storage of different products
Use of different materials according to the placing area

Based on the type and maturity of the cheese, a robotic system identifies the chosen product which is then transported to the appropriate picking area. Cold cuts are placed on a support that allows them to be displayed and stored at an adjustable height. The sushi stand is an integrated system complete with refrigerated display area and open working space, dedicated to sushi ‘artisans’.

The pastry counters, equipped with refrigerated shelves for the display and proper storage of pastries, are here conceived as true furnishing elements that define and enhance the surrounding space and activity, just like the counters of the more traditional bakery. The pastry ‘module’, with a classic and elegant design, has a marble top and external wood panelling. As well as meeting functional needs, it is also meant to ensure the best product presentation and shopping experience.


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