Prisma professional bar counters

Prisma professional bar counters: a combination of design and functionality

Prisma professional bar counters come from the brand’s over 40 year-long experience in the design and making of customised stainless steel solutions for professional catering. Every bar counter by Prisma is made in Italy and is the result of a balance among the most cutting-edge technologies available to the company, and careful, irreplaceable craftsmanship.

Prisma aims at meeting every customer’s need, even the most complex and sophisticated one, combining in each project the utmost functionality, versatility and ergonomics with a tailoring design cared to the smallest detail.

A steel monobloc: resistant, hygienic, easy to clean

What makes Prisma bar counters unique is that they are not simply created from the union of different blocks, but rather developed as a consistent and organised whole.

Perfectly designed inside the company, each bar counter has a single top, i.e. no joints, cuts or gaps.

Therefore, the top is free from any space that may hold food debris or allow liquids to seep in, making the bar counter more hygienic and easier to clean and sanitise.

One structure, endless customisation possibilities

All Prisma products are custom-made with high-quality materials. In addition, they can be customised in shape, material and finish.

This makes every bar counter unique, in both technical-functional and aesthetic terms.

Prisma bar counters allow the integration of all those working tools needed to the bartender, as well as many accessories.

Moreover, they can be matched to any material: all wood essences, marble, natural stone, backlit onyx or agate slabs, as well as back-painted glass, sintered stone and, of course, steel.

This is a durable and versatile alloy that can be customised in any RAL colour by applying decorative films or in many finishes, including brass, bronze and burnished steel.

This way, the bar counter can be fully customised to meet the needs of professional bartenders, as well as the aesthetic requirements of designers and customers.

The core of the bar counter is stainless steel

Every bar counter by Prisma is equipped with a robust tubular structure in AISI 304 stainless steel. This base, solid, resistant and customisable in its finish, allows for the installation of all those components that facilitate and speed up the work of bartenders.

Indeed, Prisma offers a wide range of extra tools for its bar counters, to guarantee the utmost flexibility and excellent performance.

The single top in AISI 304 stainless steel can be reinforced either with waterproof or fireproof wood, or with aluminium honeycomb or stainless-steel profiles.

This customisation of the top ensures easy cleaning and durability, but also allows the counter to be adapted to the specific needs of the bartender and the bar in which it is placed.

Prisma professional bar counters

The functional versatility of Prisma bar counters

Prisma bar counters are equipped with a variety of functions.

First, they have an ice bin with rounded corners and drainage.

Every bin is welded flush with the top of the counter and may be divided into several independent compartments, for storing the different types of ice, bottles and toppings. It may be equipped with sliding garnish rail suitable for holding five GN 1/9 pans.

Then, they have a fully equipped preparation station, complete with tap, sliding polyethylene chopping board, waste hole with welded frame and drawer for humid waste collection.

Furthermore, it is possible to add a drink rail (the rail for placing and presenting drinks) equipped with liquid discharge and integrated drain; a speed rail incorporated into the top, with drain pan that prevents any liquid spills; a flush-mount drip tray with drain hole, perfect for tapping stations; and even a draining board for glasses or other bartender tools, complete with rubber mat and shaker rinser.

Prisma professional bar counters
Prisma professional bar counters

Bar counter automation and technology

Customised Prisma bar counters may also be equipped with several technological items, that not only simplify the bartender’s work, but also contribute to enhance the customers’ experience.

Examples include a handy blender station – a purpose-built compartment for positioning the blender or mixer, integrated in a lowering unit welded to the worktop and complete with electrical socket.

In addition, a refrigerator under the ice bin, with drawers and refrigerated base, perfect for keeping bottles cool; or a refrigerated table that may be supplied with a self-contained compressor or arranged to be connected to a remote compressor.

Finally, those who wish can also add to the bar counter a useful refrigerated wine display matching the design and finish.

Prisma professional bar counters

Design bar counters and the utmost aesthetic customisation

Prisma goes beyond the functional aspect of its counters, also offering a wide range of options to ensure the best aesthetic result.

The doors and drawers of the bar counter, in particular those seen by the customers, can be customised both in their aesthetics and materials. This attention to detail allows the counter to keep the same style of the bar, whatever it may be.

Prisma professional bar counters

Prisma, partner of excellence for professional bar counters

Prisma professional bar counters are much more than furnishing elements. They represent a perfect blend of shape and purpose, elegance and convenience; a mix of design and ergonomics, quality and customisation…

This is why, for 40 years, Prisma has been the ideal partner for bars, restaurants and hotels looking for cutting-edge solutions that perfectly embody the style and distinctive mood of the premises.

To invest in a Prisma Bar Counter means to invest in the excellence, design and functionality that define top level professional catering.

Prisma professional bar counters

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