Le vetrine refrigerate per i vini


What are the refrigerated wine displays?

The refrigerated wine displays (some call them refrigerated wine cellars, refrigerated wine cabinets or simply wine coolers) are special fridges equipped with glass doors (sometimes with glass sides too) especially designed to store wine at a constant temperature. Basically, the refrigerated wine displays store the wine bottles at an ideal temperature for consumption.

The different kinds of refrigerated wine displays

There are basically two different types of refrigerated wine displays. The wine display for domestic use and the professional wine display. There is a fundamental difference between the two. The former are smaller, can store a few bottles (are often integrated into the kitchen furniture), and have limited functions. The professional wine displays, on the other hand, are larger (they can store up to hundreds of bottles) and offer advanced functions.

Le vetrine refrigerate per i vini

In addition – unlike domestic wine displays which usually have only one unit – the professional wine displays are equipped with more different-temperature units, depending on the types of wine they contain. 

The professional wine displays are mainly used in the professional catering world, namely bars, restaurants or wine shops… however, nowadays we may often find the refrigerated wine displays in large-scale distribution, more and more focused on the quality of products.

The wine displays for restaurants or for the Large Scale Distribution

For restaurants and the Large-Scale Distribution, in addition to storing wines at an ideal temperature, it is also extremely important to enhance the bottles and make the different labels in the wine display clearly legible.

To optimise and enhance the various bottles, lighting plays a key role.

Professional wine displays for restaurants or for the large scale distribution must have highly professional LED lighting capable of guaranteeing emission uniformity and the best performance.

The ideal temperature for storing wine

It is well known that wine storage depends mainly on temperature. But beware. Sometimes, the ideal temperature for storage is not the same as the temperature of consumption, which may be a few degrees higher. This is why it is very important to know the recommended storage temperature for the different wines: white, red and sparkling wines. 

Let us look in detail to the recommended temperatures for the different wines.

  • For white wines, the ideal storage temperature varies between 7 and 13° C. The recommended serving temperature for white wines, on the other hand, varies between 9 and 12° C.
  • The ideal storage temperature for red wines varies between 12 and 18° C. The serving temperature for red wines may vary between 15 and 18° C.
  • Finally, the storage temperature for sparkling wines is between 4 and 10° C, while the serving temperature for Spumante or Champagne varies between 6 and 8° C.

These are only guidelines and may vary depending on a variety of factors. Not only the type of wine, of course, but also its body, alcohol content, region of production, stage of aging and, of course, personal taste. 

When the required storing temperatures are very low (e.g. in the case of Champagne), the thermal shock between the outside and inside environment may cause an unpleasant condensation on the wine display windows.

To solve this problem, the best wine displays have heated glass panes. These are equipped with a heating element that lowers the thermal shock and avoids condensation. The glass remains perfectly transparent and the visibility of the bottles is thus guaranteed at all times.

Refrigerated wine displays. Functionality and design

The latest-generation wine displays have recently developed into true design objects. Not only do they store wines at an ideal temperature (they do this, of course… and very well indeed!). Today, the design of refrigerated wine displays is so aesthetically appealing (the best manufacturers are even able to fully customise them) to make them become real furnishing elements. If not even the focal element of the venue.

This is a great advantage for bartenders, restaurant owners and all the professionals in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector that can therefore display their wine selection in the most enhancing way, thus attracting the customers’ attention and increasing sales.

Le vetrine refrigerate per i vini
Le vetrine refrigerate per i vini

Prisma Wine Displays

Ideal storage and display

Prisma Wine Displays are designed to store different types of wine in the best possible way, and to enhance the bottles they contain.

Thanks to a high-performance refrigeration and ventilation system, they ensure a stable and even internal temperature. This is why Prisma professional stainless-steel wine displays are the perfect solution for the conservation and presentation of Champagne, red and white wines.

Le vetrine refrigerate per i vini

Prisma Wine Display technical features

It is not easy to describe the features of Prisma Wine Displays, as Prisma mainly makes custom-made wine displays. Almost all elements can be customised so as to offer the best tailor-made wine displays, according to the needs of space and style of the venue.

That said, here are some of its main features.

Double-glazing doors

Prisma Wine Display doors are made of low-emissivity double-glazing in extra-light smoked finish. The steel frame finishes them off perfectly.


The handle of Prisma Wine Display is elegantly shaped into the central profile of the doors.

Side panels

The side panels close the wine display side in its full height, giving it a minimalist and robust look. They can be made of different materials, glass included – an aesthetically pleasing solution that also enhances the visibility of the bottles they contain.


The structure of the wine display is made of AISI 304 steel with 45-mm insulation boards.

Internal shelves are adjustable in their height and allow for both the vertical and horizontal display of wines (in this case with a slight inclination).

Horizontal shelves are in perforated steel, while inclined ones have an elegant perimeter structure in steel with shaped plexiglas supports on which to place the bottles.

Modularity and customisation

Prisma Wine Display is modular. It is 250 cm high and has a door unit of 70 cm. This way it can be easily configured according to the customer’s space needs.

The accessories, different finishes and materials available for the refrigerated wine displays (wood, stoneware, natural stone etc.) allow for a high degree of customisation, both functionally and aesthetically.

Custom-made products

Prisma makes bespoke refrigerated wine displays, even accurate to the millimeter, and customised wine displays.

According to the customer’s needs, Prisma Wine Displays can be customised in terms of shape, dimensions and even materials. This way, Prisma Refrigerated Wine Displays become true furnishing and design elements, capable of perfectly adapting to any style – from the most classic and traditional to the contemporary and design environment. An exclusive and customised solution for every kind of venue: restaurants, wine shops, wineries, wine or cocktail bars.

LED lighting

Prisma Wine Display is equipped with highly professional LED lighting, which guarantees emission uniformity and maximum performance.

Thanks to the resin coating of the housing trim, the LED lighting system of Prisma Wine Display guarantees an appropriate IP protection.

Bottle Capacity

The single refrigerated wine display can contain 210 bottles (8 cm diameter). The double-door wine display can contain up to 420 bottles (8 cm diameter).

However, Prisma can also make tailor-made refrigerated wine displays of any size, shape and capacity.

Ask for information about Prisma Wine Displays mktg@prismaitalia.com