The cooking suite designed for an exclusive Hotel in Trentino Alto-Adige is a concrete example of Prisma’s ability to create high-performance solutions defined in every detail, to ensure flexible, highly functional, safe spaces that guarantee perfect work execution and organisation while respecting the architecture and specific features of the destination context.

Prisma Italia Works

This Prisma cooking suite complies with the requirements of Industry 4.0, which allow to smartly coordinate the cooking processes and improve the quality and efficiency of the service, thus achieving the utmost synergy among all the tools that define it.

A perfect combination of design, ergonomics and functionality, the cooking suite is a system designed to meet the real needs of those who work in the kitchen every day, allowing the optimisation of space to ensure maximum efficiency and those requisites of resistance and durability essential for an element under intensive operation.

Cooking suite made entirely in stainless steel, complete with a superstructure attached to the top. Top in a perfect flow with itssides
Cooking tools positioned flush with the top to ensure maximum hygiene and easier cleaning
Dashboard, complete with flush-mounted handles, with ergonomic power selector, laser-engraved description of the different functions and display to control the temperature of the different cooking equipment


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