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Identità Cocktail 2024

Identità Cocktail, the section devoted to the world of well-mixed drinks and part of B2B Identità Milano congress

Prisma on the roofs of the capital with Italia Squisita

Gourmet Rome came together last 22nd April for an exclusive evening at hotel Hassler and Prisma was one of the great protagonists.

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Prisma professional cooking suite in the ADI Index selection

Prisma redesigns professional kitchens with a project by Franco Driusso that optimises the work of the staff, with a particular focus on technology and hygiene.

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Prisma at ITHIC 2023

Prisma took part in the fifth edition of ITHIC (Italian Hospitality Investment Conference), an event dedicated to hospitality development

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Prisma celebrates 40 years of Made in Italy for the professional catering sector

Today Prisma is crossing the threshold of its 40th anniversary and consists of a covered area of 20.000sqm as well as 140 employees for its manufacturing.

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Prisma at the Genoa International Boat Show

On the occasion of the Genoa Boat Show, held from 21st to 26th September, Prisma has supplied – for the VIP lounge

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S. Polo di Piave, Prisma shares the 40-year milestone with its team

Prisma shares the 40-year milestone with its team

Prisma shares the 40-year milestone with its team

At Gambrinus restaurant, the company Prisma celebrated its 40th anniversary together with all the workers and their families. Founded in 1983 by Silvano Ongaro, Prisma is a 140-employee company engaged in the making of large systems for the professional land-based and maritime catering sector.

The evening events also included organised games, entertainment, DJ sets and a large corner with activities for children.

“This party had been in our minds for some time” states Silvano Ongaro “also because the success that Prisma is enjoying is shared by everyone equally and is the result of all workers’ commitment. It was our wish to celebrate them, to thank them and to let them know how important they are to us.”

Over the years the company has received awards for its Legality Rating, for the Loyalty to Work, for the Economic Progress and for the Net Worth, which have also rewarded the humanity of the business, besides its figures.

A typically Italian story of commitment and farsightedness (what overseas would be called “the American Dream”), which today has turned into a factory of 20.000sqm and a global-scale distribution. Strongly linked to its territory, Prisma annually processes about 1200 tonnes of steel, with a production value of 30.000.000 euros in constant growth, 70% of which is the result of export activities mainly in Europe.

The Coktail Station on the stage of Identità Cocktail

The Coktail Station on the stage of Identità Cocktail

La Coktail Station sul palcoscenico di "Identità Cocktail"

Statistics say that customers in top restaurants no longer have a glass of wine before their meal, but rather a specially designed cocktail. Therefore, we can assume not only the ever-increasing importance of a structured bar corner in the restaurant, but also and foremost the value of appointments like Identità Cocktail, which provide the market with the state of the art of a sector in constant evolution.

Part of Identità Milano – event dedicated on a larger scale to the world of food and Ho.Re.Ca. – Identità Cocktail is the section of the Congress linked to the world of fine mixed drinks. It tells about experiences and trends through the cocktails and the stories of important international speakers. Last 30th January, bartenders, mixologists and chefs – including Elena Montomoli and Roberta Esposito, Andrea Maugeri and Mattia Pastori, Federico Turina, Laura Hernandez Espinosa, Angelo Canessa, Martina Bonci and Karime Lopez; Alejandro Pellejero and Andrea Aprea, Riccardo Soncini, Francesco Cione, Giacomo Giannotti – took turns on stage while warming up the masterclasses with drinks prepared with the help of the Cocktail Station by Prisma – technical partner of the event.

The professional freestanding workstation, designed by Franco Driusso and recently awarded the Rēgula Prize in the “design” category, is the perfect item for scenographic indoor and outdoor set-ups dedicated to aperitifs and after-dinner drinks. It can also become a fully equipped bar corner in a limited space, that can be easily moved according to the needs and just requires a power source to operate.

Prisma Cocktail Station – customisable in finishes to adapt to the style of any location – is equipped with everything a professional bartender might need (including a POS station) as well as a self-contained water supply and discharge system.

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Prisma opens its new showroom in Veneto

Prisma opens its new showroom in Veneto

Prisma opens its new showroom in Veneto

Not far from its headquarters in San Polo di Piave, in the province of Treviso, Prisma opens its new showroom in Ormelle. This is a place conceived to showcase and let people see first-hand some of the best solutions designed for the professional catering world, through a set-up aimed at emphasising the brand’s ability to act as a fil rouge between the large-scale catering sector and the world of design.

Founded in 1983, Prisma is now an example of a Made in Italy of excellence, by virtue of its high-quality standards, its cutting-edge technologies and the design of its creations, entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Professional kitchens, bar counters, equipment and furnishing elements designed for the preparation and display of food make up Prisma’s wide range of products. An offer that allows this important reality to be the ideal partner in the realisation of custom-made projects for the HO.RE.CA sector, corporate restaurants, hotels, private yachts or great cruise ships, always ensuring the perfect execution of all the phases and operations that a professional kitchen or tool may require.

The creation of a place where you can experience some of Prisma’s best projects stems from the desire to show catering professionals a production philosophy even more design-oriented, where the aesthetic performance of each concept is a fundamental and characterising part.

Design is therefore an essential part of a professional project, also by virtue of its ability to suggest a more personal and authentic look of the environment where it is to be integrated.

Hence, the challenge for Prisma is to smartly blend the aspects that have always defined its solutions – such as efficiency, technology, ergonomics, functionality and versatility – with an aesthetic approach particularly focused on detail. Indeed, Prisma’s recently developed products have increasingly openly declared their ‘decorative’ as well as high-performing nature.

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Prisma at Bar Covent Berlin

Prisma for Distilleria Nardini

Bar Covent Berlin 10-12 October 2022

Prisma at Bar Covent Berlin

The Cocktail Station by Prisma, a leading company in the maritime and Hospitality food and beverage equipment business, goes on stage at the Distilleria Nardini space on the occasion of Bar Covent Berlin.

Nardini, Italy’s first distillery, based in Bassano del Grappa, and a leading company in the high-quality grappa and liqueur market at an international level, is one of the protagonists of Bar Covent Berlin – one of the most important events to discover the latest news and trends in the beverage sector, involving companies, professionals and customers. For the creation of their drinks, the bartenders at Garage Nardini will use Prisma Cocktail Station, a heavy-duty professional cocktail station, designed for outdoor and indoor use, born from Prisma’s know-how and the creativity of Franco Driusso.

A clever and compact combination of ergonomics, efficiency and versatility, this workstation is equipped with everything a bartender might need to prepare and present drinks, guaranteeing the utmost flexibility, safety, hygiene and full operativity.

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel and measuring 210 x 80 x 120 cm, PrismaCocktail Station is available in the self-contained mobile version, or integrated within a bar counter. In the mobile version, the station may be moved wherever needed thanks to its six Heavy-Duty castors and a self-contained water supply and discharge system; it just requires a power source to operate.

The clean-cut, streamlined design of Prisma Cocktail Station makes it perfect for any kind of environment or event, like Bar Covent Berlin. The Cocktail Station can here play the starring role in its surroundings, thanks to its frontal wine and spirits showcase and the customisable cladding with magnetic hooking system.

The innovative cocktail station, a perfect expression of top-quality Made in Italy excellence, is the result of research, passion and attention to detail, aimed at continuously improving the solutions for the food & beverage industry.